Canadian Death Race Cherry Chilli Endurance Bar

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We teamed up with the folks at Sinister Sports to create this limited edition signature bar for the Canadian Death Race. 

Capturing the spirit of this iconic Ultramarathon, our bold and balanced Endurance bar made with Cherry & Chilli will give you that kick in the senses to keep you going just when you think you’re going senseless. 

We pay homage to the 118km mountainous challenge that takes you to Hell’s Gate and back by blending blitzed sour cherries and a sneaky hit of chilli spice in our signature endurance bars base. 

The CDR Cherry Chilli bar is crafted with our ethically sourced 65% Dark Chocolate, Alberta honey and Himalayan Salt base to fuel your endurance efforts. 

 The carb and natural fat combo make this a lengthy energy release, perfect for the steady grind. We energize your effort with caffeine naturally from the cocoa beans. This product is designed to be bitten off as a solid stick in temperate conditions or pushed as a butter in a melted state.

Clever, eh?!

This package contains 3x 30g bars.

Ingredients: Cocoa Mass Peru, Sugars (sugar, honey), Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Sour Cherries, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt, Ground Chilli Pepper

Bonus! This bar is allergen free!