Purposeful chocolate

Our bars are crafted with nutrition targets designed to keep you going.

Made with ethically sourced chocolates and ingredients you know and understand.

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Made with no secret ingredients

Only the stuff to keep you going on your hike, bike, run or wherever your legs will take you.

  • Designed With Endurance Athletes In Mind

    Our chocolate bars are designed to provide sustainable energy without the crash and burn or upset tummy so athletes can focus on moving forward.

  • Ingredients you know

    We designed a chocolate bar to fuel adventurers and athletes with only the simple nutrients they need to keep going and nothing more.

  • Ethically Sourced Chocolate

    Our chocolate is sourced only from ethical chocolate suppliers. Where programs to protect the livelihoods of cocoa farmers through community development activities, which protect nature and children.


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Endurance Bar Review

I tried out these bars on the Finlayson Arm and Squamish 50 Ultras. A tasty and rewarding recharge when your 40 k in and needing a boost! Now I have a stash for this winters X country ski trips

Ray G.