The Endurance Bar: Crafted to Conquer

The Endurance Bar: Crafted to Conquer

With many triathlon and ultra running races already underway this summer, we’re sure you’ve been getting your legs under you, testing out your new shoes, and nailing your in-race nutrition strategy… right?! Or maybe you're a few races in and can't quite beat the bonk! 20 gels later you've got a gut bomb in the works and a mouth that's feeling rather raw. 

It's known that the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again- expecting different results". We invite you to continue reading about our Endurance Bar and how fuelling with chocolate works in endurance sport. 


Chocolate, especially when responsibly sourced and made with ingredients you know and understand, is an excelled fuel source for endurance activities. Our bars have a comparative caloric AND carbohydrate content to the gels on the market, and the caffeine we call out is naturally occurring from the cocoa itself. But what makes the Endurance Bar different from other fuel sources from your friendly neighbourhood sports store?

Firstly, ingredients you know and understand, meaning no ultra-processed carbohydrates (maltodextrin, fructose, glucose syrup) that can saturate your digestive system resulting in stomach upset. Our sugar and honey combo are familiar to your tummy, and when combined in a fat-matrix (cocoa and coconut butter), result in a slow and steady drip of energy over the hour of your endurance endeavours.

Secondly: the endurance bars are dual format. Want something to chomp on? Keep our bars next to your water flask, in the depths of your pack, or tucked into your bento on the bike to keep the chocolate solid to eat peak by peak. BUT, if you want a goo, because we know you know how to eat gels and choose to eat gels, then go ahead and melt our bars. Why be weirded out by melted chocolate? The chocolate fondue or chocolate fountain are the best part of the buffet! As a note: in weather warmer than 28C, the chocolate is definitely going to melt and be in quick-shot format!

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How to melt your 7 Summits Snacks endurance bar?

In more temperate weather (<25C) tuck the solid chocolate bar near to your body: in your shorts pocket, in your socks, or even leave them out in the sun. The melty, portable chocolate fondue is still a tidier eat than any other chocolate bar with our tear-top packaging. Rip it off and push it like a go-gurt, because the endurance bar is higher fat, the chocolate-gooiness will keep to itself and not make a mess.

What’s the other, most important difference between 7 Summits Snacks and the other energy products on the market?

Well, it’s just darn tasty! I’ve seen far too many people say “Oh this IS good chocolate” to think otherwise. There is finally a fuelling product on the market that you can look forward to bringing with you and consuming mid-activity.

When to consume a 7 Summits Snacks Endurance Bar? 

For short efforts of one hour or less, we recommend you kick start your training with an endurance bar giving you steady energy throughout your workout.

For long efforts of 2 hours or longer, this is where our bars come into their element. We recommend having an endurance bar starting at 45 - 60 min into your event and then about every 90 min thereafter. Break a piece off and consume it peak by peak, or keep it close to your body for the melty effect- our personal favourite! You’ve told us yourself, and it’s how the recipe was designed, the endurance bar will keep you on the steady instead of that spike and crash you get from gels and chews. 

Have we convinced you?
Have you been watching the socials and reading the newsletters wondering how to fuel your next adventure with our superfood chocolate? Stock up on our Endurance Bars and arm your nutrition toolbox with fuel you feel good about consuming. 


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