Turning 40, Running 50k: Tara Antosh’s Training Journey to a Solo Long-Distance Run

Turning 40, Running 50k: Tara Antosh’s Training Journey to a Solo Long-Distance Run

Meet Tara Antosh, a dedicated long-distance runner, a fitness instructor, and the embodiment
of discipline. This year, the same year she turns 40 is the year she embarked on a journey to
start training for her first solo 50k long distance run in her hometown of Airdrie. Her training,
fueled by dedication, a customized plan, 7 Summits Snacks, and of course the support of her
loved ones pushed her to finish such incredible feat.

Tara’s testimonial will allow us to see how a smart and self-customized training regimen
partnered with the proper purposeful nutrition in your pockets *literally* can set you up for
success especially when you wanted to do something for the first time!

A Purposeful Start 

Starting the year right, literally on January 1, Tara began her training program by loosely basing the plan on a popular Marathon training plan with some training weeks added and modifications made to fit her timeline and lifestyle. Planning her race route around Airdrie with her own house as her all-in-one aid, water, and fueling station has allowed her to focus on doing small, medium, and large running routes from that home base, both throughout training and on race day.

“My ultimate goal was to run 50K solo around Airdrie in one shot--”

In addition to her training schedule, she also works as a group fitness instructor teaching
heated and non-heated fitness classes at Oranj Fitness Airdrie. While all of these demanding activities coming her way, also came an opportunity for her to try something purposeful that would fit right into her system.

“-when the opportunity to try out some 7 Summits Snacks chocolate came along, I simply could
not pass it up! I mean, who can say no to trying out some tasty chocolate?”

Athlete Resilience and Chocolate Adaptability

Consequently, Tara found 7 Summits Snacks as a great pre-activity fuel, both for race training
and her job as a fitness instructor, in one of her 45-minute heated fitness classes.
The 30-gram snack bars provided her with the energy she needed to perform at her best. Their
convenience and readiness also made them the ideal pre-run fuel. Using 7 Summits Snack Bars
as fuel both during her longer distance runs and shorter distance runs (if she needed a pick-me-
up) has been very convenient.

“They were so easy to pack into my hand-held water bottle bag and always ready to go, no
matter the temperature outside.”

Unlike some laments about 7 Summits Snacks Endurance bars melting in the heat
(the packaging is designed to solve that problem), Tara never minded the form of the chocolate
she was getting, whether the epic heatwaves melted the bars inside, or the bitter cold
temperatures solidify them. What matters is they’re her pick-me-up.

“It kept me on a steady course. I didn’t miss a single training run in this training cycle, and I
know I have 7 Summits Chocolate to thank for that!”

One value proposition that 7 Summits Snacks have is that fuelling with endurance bars do not
give an upset stomach (that some might get) when fuelling with gels. Tara has found that one
to be true, as she personally founds them (particularly the Denali – “PB & J for the WIN!”) easy
to digest and easy for the stomach as she ran. Now, that’s quality that we so strive to deliver!

Her resilience to continuously train despite the changing conditions, as well as 7 Summits
Snacks’ adaptability to said conditions to continue providing Tara her energy requirements is a
combo to commend!

No Other Destination But Success


Ultimately, Tara successfully achieved her goal of running 50K solo race in Airdrie on July 12,

“I finished in 5:55:12, thanks to my fuelling plan, training plan, and a whole lot of support from
friends, family, and my running community!”

Congratulations, Tara on that achievement! Society has painted aging so badly that they have
people worrying as their birthdays come, yet we have ladies like Tara that’s celebrating their
age gracefully. Now we can say that 40 never looked so good!

This inspires us to support athletes of all age groups, especially when in return, they support us.
We look forward to supporting more of Tara’s endeavours in crushing even more fitness and
running goals. Not only Tara, though, every athlete, mom or individual that has a goal to
succeed in their fitness and wellness goals needs to remember to keep on top of their fuelling
game, and make it a delicious one, too. ;)

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