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Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition to Fuel Your Next Adventure

What is the best sports nutrition product? What kind of food should I take when I’m hiking? What will give me the energy I need for my long running or cycling events?


These are all common questions that endurance enthusiasts (professional, amateurs and weekend warriors alike) either type into their favourite search engine or pose to their community of like-minded athletes.

What’s the answer?

Check out this article that I wrote for Explore Magazine.

As an avid marathon runner, I have spent many hours in the field trying out different sports nutrition strategies wondering what IS the best way for me to conquer my goals? Is it the 1/2 a 'Percy Pig' every km after 5km into a marathon? Should I stick to the Gatorade at each aid-station? I love pizza, and I heard ultra-runners fuel on pizza... maybe I'll take up ultra-running instead?!

What is the difference between Gu, Tailwind, Trail Butter, and Clif Shot Blocks? What do you mean I can eat chocolate and it will fuel my next adventure? These are the questions we hear from our community on a regular basis, hence the educational article to empower you to make your own choices (and hopefully stock up on Endurance Bars whilst you're at it).

In the article I talk about "slow vs fast fuels", the examples of both, and how and when your body utilizes them for endurance activity. Click and read and you can decipher what strategy might work best for the upcoming events you are going to ROCK in 2022!

- By Kristyn Carriere. BSc Nutrition and Food Science (everyday marathoner and the founder of 7 Summits Snacks)

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