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Are your chocolates gluten - free?

Our chocolates are made without gluten-containing ingredients after a rigorous clean of the equipment. The facility they are produced in does handle gluten-containing ingredients. 

Are you chocolates nut - free?

Currently, our DARK chocolates are made without nuts after a rigorous clean of the equipment. The facility they are produced in does handle nuts.

Our Milk Chocolate Denali bar does contain peanut butter.

What allergens are in your bars?

Soy lecithin is used in our Everest bar. 

Milk and peanuts are in our Denali bar

Our bars are gluten free, although there are gluten containing ingredients in the factory that makes our bars. A full allergen clean is performed before our bars are produced.

Are your chocolates vegan or vegetarian? 

All of our chocolate products are vegetarian.

Our Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars are vegan-suitable.

Our Endurance Bars contain honey. The honey we use is locally sourced and we think those Albertan bees live a relatively decent life... at least healthy, according to the Alberta beekeepers Commission!

What is an Endurance Bar?

An Endurance Bar is our version of an energy bar. Crafted with 15g of carbohydrates (in the form of sugar and honey) in a 30g stick of chocolate fuel. The carbohydrates mixed with our natural fats (cocoa butter and coconut butter), allows for a slower energy release comparatively to a carb-gel or pure syrup. This means you still get the energy you need in that hour of exercise, but spread over time rather than a spike and crash. 

We tested these bars with hundreds of athletes, and they all said that they work- the Endurance Bars kept them going for those longer endurance days. 

What is a Superfood Bar?

A Superfood Bar is your favourite chocolate format to eat everyday, anytime. Our bars are cocoa-intense and blended with ingredients honouring the mightiest mountains on each of the 7 continents. A truly well-deserved, indulgent treat. 

Can I eat chocolate when I exercise?

Of course you can! You can eat chocolate whenever you like.

We have created a line of purposeful chocolate so you know it's doing you some good. Our Endurance Bars are meant to fuel you for your longer endurance activities. Be-it hoofing in the hills, skiing down the slopes, or cycling through the river valley, you can beat the bonk with our tasty chocolate fuel. 

And hey - everything in moderation... or according to Maya Angelou's Mom - "even moderation in moderation" 

Where is your nutrition information?

When you look at each product in our shop, there is a picture of the nutrition facts table for you to review. 

What do you mean by sustainable chocolate?

Chocolate can get a bad reputation based on unethical production methods (unfair treatment of small-holding farmers, child labour, etc). We ensure that we purchase our chocolate from reputable sustainability programs which gives back to the communities that grow cocoa. Specifically, we purchase chocolate made under the Cocoa Horizons program. You can check our more about the program here.