Seven Summits collectively describes the tallest mountain peaks on each of the seven continents. An inspiring challenge to many aspiring adventurers. See our product range paying homage to those mighty mountains.

  • The Everest

    Our bold Dark Chocolate balanced with Himalayan Rock Salt and an infusion of Goji Berries.

  • The Aconcagua

    Our blended Peruvian Dark Chocolate combines Golden Berries with crunchy Cocoa Nibs.

  • The Denali

    Combining rich Milk Chocolate with the all-American favourite, PB&J; featuring natural Peanut Butter and Wild Blueberries.

  • The Carstensz Pyramid

    Our bold Dark Chocolate blended and with Indonesian Coffee and smooth Tahitian Vanilla.

  • The Vinson Massif

    Our bold Dark Chocolate with an invigorating lift of Natural Peppermint Oil.

  • The Kilimanjaro

    Tanzanian Dark Chocolate highlighted with dried Banana and subtle Green Cardamom.

  • The Elbrus

    Combining rich Milk Chocolate with dried Red Berries and crunchy Kasha.