Seven Summits Snacks

Athletes eating vegan chocolate while doing endurance activities

Our Mission

Founded in 2019 in memory to RH Fisher’s last adventure, Seven Summits Snacks has a passion for chocolate and health. We provide purposeful nutrition and satisfying chocolate products to get you through your next adventure. From indulgence to sport performance, we have chocolate snacks to fit for needs at different times of the day.


Who We Serve

The Modern Athlete
Endurance Enthusiasts
The Healthy Indulger
Active Families


Who We Are

We are a team of athletes, chocolate experts, and brand builders. Charge your next adventure with chocolate-based fuel. Crafted with purposeful nutrition targets to keep you going.


Leanna Carriere

Leanna Carriere - Chief Innovation Officer

Leanna Carriere is an elite triathlete, former national team pole vaulter, trainer extraordinaire and busy mom. An ambassador for Fast and Female as well as motivational speaker, she was the one who saw the niche and understood the need for simplicity to reach our community. Because of this, our bars are crafted with ingredients everyone understands.


Kristyn Carriere

Kristyn Carriere - Chief Operations Officer

Kristyn Carriere has her BSc. in Nutrition and Food Science from the UofA. It was her stint as a figure skating Princess with Disney on Ice that brought her to Europe. But the chance to create and launch some of the world's best known chocolate brands kept her there for a decade. Now back in Canada, she's using her chocolate industry chops to consult for well known brands in Western Canada as she launches her own venture.


Christine Reimer

Christine Reimer - Chief Executive Officer

Christine has a BSc. in Pharmacology and MBA from the UofA. She may no longer have "athlete" at the top of her resume, but it's that mindset that brought her success in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other startups. She thinks distance athletes and entrepreneurs are much more entertaining than executives; they walk that fine line between crazy-driven and crazy. Looks like she'll join them soon.