Our Mission

Founded in 2019 in memory to RH Fisher’s last adventure, Seven Summits Snacks has a passion for chocolate and health. We provide purposeful nutrition and satisfying chocolate products, crafted to conquer your next adventure. From indulgence to sport performance, we have superfood chocolate snacks to fit your needs at different times of the day.

  • The Modern Athlete

    You work hard and play hard. Performance is important to you and so is having something that gives you the leading edge to your friends.

  • Endurance Enthusiasts

    “It’s not worth the effort if I’m not out there for more than a couple of hours”. You love the grind and you’re in it for the journey.

  • The Healthy Indulger

    Conscious that a peaceful life is about balance, you take the time to look after yourself: mind, body, and soul.

  • Active Families

    If you aren’t attending one of your kids’ events, then your family unit is likely up in the hills biking, hiking, or skiing, and you sure know a happy family is a fuelled family.

Our Team

Kristyn Carriere / Co-Founder & Chocolate Scientist

Kristyn Carriere has her BSc. in Nutrition and Food Science from the U of A ('09). It was her stint as a figure skating Princess with Disney on Ice that brought her to Europe. But the chance to create and launch some of the world's best known chocolate brands kept her there for a decade. Back in Canada to start this venture with her sister, she's using her chocolate industry chops to consult for well known brands in Western Canada. Oh, and fuelling her everyday marathoning efforts with chocolate!

Leanna Carriere / Co-Founder & Brand Essence

Leanna Carriere is a triathlete, former national team pole vaulter, Team Sirius coach, personal trainer extraordinaire and busy mom. An ambassador for Fast and Female as well as motivational speaker, she was the one who saw the niche and understood the need for simplicity to reach our community. Because of this, our bars are crafted with ingredients everyone understands.

Jason Britton / General Manager & Team Athlete

Representing Canada, Jason’s no stranger to a World Championship or two. With 40 of them under his belt in Triathlon, Otillo (SwimRun), and Xterra events, he certainly understands the value of endurance nutrition. In between coaching fellow endurance athletes and as the acting Race Director for SwimRun Edmonton, Jason uses his learnings from his U of A MBA (’08) to help manage 7 Summits Snacks to grow nationwide.