Scaling Heights: Continuing the Journey with Canadian Women Athletes

Scaling Heights: Continuing the Journey with Canadian Women Athletes

Following our celebration of International Women’s Month, we're back with another instalment of inspiring tales from the world of adventurous women in sport. From the rugged trails to the soaring peaks, Canadian women athletes continue to captivate us with their remarkable achievements.

In this part 2 blog, we'll dive deeper into the journeys of these trailblazers, shedding light on the motivations that drive them forward and the snacks that sustain them along the way.

Join us once again as we uncover the stories of these unsung heroes, as they conquer new heights and inspire us all with their unwavering determination and passion for adventure.

Our 4th featured athlete for International Women’s Month is Arc’teryx Athlete Emma Cook Clarke (@emcookclarke) of Canmore. We’re huge fans of Emma as her down to earth and quirky personality absolutely shine through when you meet her. As a mountain endurance athlete, she loves to move in ways that make sense to cover interesting terrain, which means a lot of running, climbing, biking, and skiing!

“I compete Internationally in running and ski mountaineering, but primarily do it for the love of being outside and working hard! I'm also into science and art, and am fired up when it comes to helping others get outside to move!”

Mountain sports speak to her as they allow her to “feel free to move where I want, when I want, for however long I want. Then eat as much superfood chocolate [from 7 Summits Snacks] as I want!”.

This year Emma has been taking part in the ski mountaineering World Cup races, and is looking forward to competing in the Sky Running World Series. Her top tip  is to try something that feels fun, and then stay with it. Running doesn't feel comfortable at first, but then we settle in, see beautiful places, and end up enjoying it while learning about ourselves and growing. 

And when does Emma like to top up her tank with our 7 Summits Snacks Chocolate? 7 Summits Snacks have my back before, during, and after exercise. It's the perfect combination of delicious and sustaining, offering the perfect treat when I need a pick-me-up, especially the Everest bar!

For our 5th and final feature for International Women’s Month, we are so pleased to celebrate local to Edmonton athlete Priscilla Forgie (@prissyforgie)

Anyone on the Edmonton Run Scene knows about Priscilla and how she’s continuously improving as an athlete, so we were uber pleased to see her efforts recognized on an international level in 2023 where she made a top 10 list for Female Ultra Runner of the Year.

Priscilla’s heart lies in the trails and longer distance running, particularly in 100+ kilometre races. She’s an avid volunteer with FARRM, a local animal rescue centre, which keeps her fuelled with lots of love and furry  and keeps me connected to a different community outside of running. 

Priscilla loves running as it is a way to connect with nature, her body and with others. “Running has taught me so much about all three of those things and continues to remind me that I have so much to learn. I am forever grateful for the sport and get excited thinking about the next adventure running will take me on”.

 What’s her top tip?

Chase big goals. It’s in the unknown where we don’t need to be 100% confident, and we definitely won’t be completely competent, either. All we need to do is be courageous: courageous to go out on that run when the weather sucks or you’ve had a hard day; courageous to sign up for that intimidating race you’ve been contemplating; courageous to quit your job and follow your passion; courageous to ask for help. Practicing courage each day in your own unique way is the path to conquering those big goals and showing yourself what you can do”.

What’s in store in 2024 for Priscilla?

Well, she wants to spend each day “pushing myself out of my comfort zone - some days will be big, others will be minuscule. But each day together will add up and I’ll be stronger and happier because of it.”

And how does Edmonton-based 7 Summits Snacks fit in her life?

Priscilla “LOVES 7 Summit Snacks on my longer mountain runs and as a snack throughout the day - what is more rewarding than a big chunk of chocolate after some hard efforts? Especially the 80g Everest bar - it is dairy &honey free so meets my dietary preferences and the taste is to die for! 

For those of you who want to learn more about Priscilla’s relationship with running, check out her feature in the Alberta-based book “Run for Your Life” where her chapter delves into my journey overcoming PTSD through the lens of an ultrarunner. 

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