Summit Series - The inspiration behind 7 Summits Snacks

Summit Series - The inspiration behind 7 Summits Snacks

In late 2021, after working with Edmonton photographer Curtis Comeau for a product and brand photoshoot, I was connected with one of the editors of  EDify Magazine who was interested in doing a feature. 

I’ve personally been such a fan of this magazine since it’s earliest conception. How it stylishly and intelligently presents some of the change makers that make Edmonton. How cool are these people, hey?!

Curtis had some leftover chocolate in his studio whilst doing another shoot for the magazine, which caught their interest. "Oh- this is good chocolate!" ... "Well, here's the story..." and Curtis relayed our story to the team.

 When they contacted me for an interview, I did a secret fist-pump. Mini-goal achieved.

A few months later, and now you can take a read for yourself to learn a little bit more about the brand inspiration and how chocolate can be good for you.

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