Chocolate Sports Nutrition

You’ve checked with running buddies, the knowledgeable trainer at the gym and now you're wondering, how can chocolate be sport fuel? and is chocolate an adequate source for sports nutrition?

Well, that’s how chocolate *actually* started: as nutrition for ancient Aztecs and Mayans. It was reserved for rulers and warriors. They understood how calorie dense, nutrient-packed chocolate could be both divinely delicious and incredibly efficient fuel. In the last 500 years, armies around the world used chocolate as a fuel source (not to mention morale boost). Chocolate has always been functional… we’re just bringing it back!

chocolate as sports nutrition - Chocolate in WWII Ad
chocolate a nutrition for the athletes


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The formula may differ from traditional endurance fuel, however we have found a way to provide quality ingredients that serve as the foundation for sports nutrition which will charge your next adventure. 

Our bar is a result of formulating and testing and re-formulating and re-testing recipes, similar to how sport nutrition research evolves over time

The Endurance Bar 

  • 15g or more honey based carbs
  • slow release energy as the carbs are mixed with natural fats 
  • steady energy release VS spike and crash like other products 
  • Tested by over 100 endurance athletes

Product can be used for training, competing, a snack attack, or on the go