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Seven Summits Snacks

7 Summits Snacks Explorer Box

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We celebrate the tallest peaks in Asia, North and South America with our 7 Summits Snacks Explorer Box.  Three of our 80g Superfood Bars and 3 of our 30g Endurance Bars  combine to “peak” your tastebuds on a worldly adventure with chocolate.

Energize in Asia with our Everest flavour featuring 65% Dark Chocolate, Goji Berries and Himalayan Salt. Journey across South America with our Aconcagua flavour featuring 64% Peruvian Dark Chocolate blended with Golden Inca Berries and Cacao Nibs. Hike your tastebuds through North America with our rich 40% Milk Chocolate blended with Peanut Butter and Wild Canadian Blueberries.

Our Endurance Bars are crafted to conquer those long endurance days providing you with over 15g of carbohydrates in a 30g stick of chocolate-based fuel. In a world of carb-gels, we are offering you another choice to fuel your next adventure.

Our Superfood Chocolate bars are your favourite chocolate format fit for your personal chocolate fix or for sharing with your friends. This solid chocolate bar is robust enough to fit into your busy daily life, allowing you to conquer the daily grind.

This box contains:

1x Everest Superfood Dark Chocolate Bar + 1x Aconcagua Superfood Dark Chocolate Bar + 1x Denali Superfood Milk Chocolate Bar. 1x Everest Endurance Bar + 1x Aconcagua Endurance Bar + 1x Denali Endurance Bar. 


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