First Tracks for the long haul

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Whether your first tracks are on the slopes, trails or simply just to the office, this coffee will start your day right- pair it perfectly with an Endurance Bar to keep you going. 

First Tracks is a classic, easy drinking coffee. It’s a single origin, medium roast Brazilian bean roasted in two different ways - rich, smooth, and tasting of milk chocolate (the coffee!). This brew blends beautifully with our softer flavoured Endurance Bars. There’s even a hint of mildly floral honey to really complement the Alberta honey in our Endurance Bars as your energy source for the day. 

This box contains:

2x Everest Endurance Bars made with Dark Chocolate + 2x Aconcagua Endurance Bars made with Dark Chocolate + 2x Denali Endurance Bars made with Milk Chocolate + 100g of whole bean roasted First Tracks Blend from the Alternate Route Coffee Co.