The Nensebo Goji Mashup

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This light roast of the Ethiopian beans from the Arsi Administrative Zone, boarding Bale Mountain National Park features cherries from both cultivated and wild growing trees in the Harenna forest near Bale Mountain region. Alternate Route demonstrates their craft and elevates the juiciness of ripe strawberries and floral undertones in this coffee. We love how this brew mixes beautifully with the Goji berry notes of our Everest bars. Further tasting notes of black leafed tea complement the roasted tannic intensity of our 65% Ivory Coast dark chocolate- truly a tastebud escape!

This box contains:

4x Everest Superfood Bars made with 65% Ivory Coast Dark Chocolate, Goji Berries, and Himalayan Salt + 100g of roasted whole bean Ethiopia Nensebo Refisa Light Roast from the Alternate Route Coffee Co.